Government Officials Who Need To Learn How To Snap Sext

6 Government Officials

Sexting is pretty great, and everyone should try it a few times. As with most activities though, there’s a time and a place, and sexting while on the job is not okay.


That may sound like common sense to you and me, but there are some hooligans out there who don’t abide by the rules of common sense and critical thinking; unfortunately, most of them happen to be politicians. Politicians are supposed to be very smart people capable of making tough decisions, but some of them have proved to have very little in terms of common sense, as a number of politicians have had their lives shaken up with sexting scandals.

Some politicians got away with their scandals largely unscathed, but some weren’t so fortunate. Some sexted minors, others sexted madams; read below to discover six government officials who need to learn how to snap sext.

1. Anthony Weiner

He wasn’t the first American politician to blow up the Internet because of a scandal, but he was one of the first American politicians to blow up the Internet from a sexting scandal. Former New York Congressman Anthony Weiner made headlines around the world in 2011 when it was revealed that he was in the middle of a sexting scandal with a woman he met on Twitter, all the while he was married.

Sexting is fine, but sexting a woman who isn’t your wife while you also happen to be serving the public isn’t fine. When you’re in public office, there are certain standards that you should meet, and it’s safe to say that Anthony Weiner didn’t meet any of those standards.

Fast forward to 2013, and Weiner is gearing up for a political comeback, as he entered the race to run for New York City mayor. Things are going okay for the guy until it’s revealed that once again, Anthony Weiner is entangled in yet another sexting scandal.

After making an ass of himself once again, Mr. Weiner (lol) subsequently lost the mayoral race, and has since been out of public eye. Good riddance.

2. Mark Sanford

Yeah, I’ve never heard of him either. Back in 2009 he was Governor of South Carolina, and in June of that year, he took a week from his political duties to “hike the Appalachian trail”.

Before he went on this “hike”, he neglected to tell his wife or his staff; sound fishy, doesn’t it? These things tend to go one of two ways: he’s gonna wind up as a mutilated corpse in a stinky ditch somewhere or he’s gone off and met up with a mistress in South America — turns out, it was option number 2.

Rather than going on a hike, this married chap was banging his Argentinian mistress, who happens to be a journalist. Upon his return a week later, Sanford admitted to his affair, and rather than having to walk out of the public eye with his tail between his legs, the guy is still a part of U.S. government, as he is now a Congressman.

3. Mark Foley

What’s up with Congressmen and sexting scandals? In 2006, Florida’s Representative in the House, Mark Foley, got wrapped up in a sexting scandal that was a little different from Anthony Weiner’s love ballad.

This Representative got caught sexting a few male Congressional interns, and one of them was a minor, only 16 at the time the story made headlines. This scandal lead to the end of Foley’s political career, and has since remained under everyone’s radar.

4. David Vitter

Think back to 2007, if you can, as we have another mid-2000s snap sexting scandal on our hands. Louisiana Senator David Vitter’s phone number was discovered in a list of contacts in a woman’s phone, which may seem like nothing special, until you consider this: the woman in question, Deborah Jean Palfrey, was a madam running a prostitution service, and a very popular one at that, as she was known as the “DC Madam”.

When you find a Senator’s phone number in a prostitute’s phone, you know it’s not because she called in with some complaints about the poor condition of local highways. A married man, things weren’t looking so good for Vitter.

After publicly apologizing for his “sin”, most people forgot all about Vitter, and he seems not to have suffered at all from the scandal, as he is still a Senator, and surprisingly, he’s still married to his wife! Unfortunately, after the scandal reached public attention, Palfrey committed suicide before she could be convicted of running a prostitution service.

5. John Diehl

This government official’s scandal is more recent than the others so far, as this story broke in the first quarter of 2015. Missouri’s House Speaker is a man by the name of John Diehl, and although he’s married with three kids, this fellow decided it was time to start an affair with an intern of his, and to make it official and documented, they sexted back and forth repeatedly.

Diehl proved himself to be quite the player, sending the unnamed intern texts such as ‘Damn girl… I want to see more’. Clearly, the guy had moves, and the intern simply couldn’t resist his advances.

The intern happened to be a college student at the time, as she was in the Missouri Southern State University Capitol internship program, but due to the affair and wide-spread story, the entire program was shut down for the rest of the school year. Yeah, that’s a better solution than reprimanding the public servant who cheated on his wife.

When you look at the scoreboard, it’s Government Officials: 1, Internship Program: 0. Ouch.

6. Justin Moed

Something must be in the water in the mid-West, as there is another state Representative involved in a sexting scandal; this time, it’s a guy named Justin Moed. Get ready, because this scandal is kinda crazy.

Moed is an Indiana Representative, and he must not have much to do in his state, as he got himself wrapped up in a sexting scandal. But wait, here’s the juicy part: the woman he was sexting with was the same woman who thirst-trapped Anthony Weiner, Sydney Leathers.

Ms. Leathers seems to be targeting politicians, but according to her, it was just a coincidence that this guy was involved in government, just like Weiner. Moed’s sexting username, hilariously enough, was “Bitch Boy”, and it wasn’t until he sent her gifts (sex toys he’d hoped they’d use together) from Amazon that she discovered his identity, as he forgot to deselect the option to include a receipt with the gifts.

If you slip up, technology will come back to bite you like the spiteful bitch that it is.

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