7 Snapchats Girls Should Never Send

7 snapchats girls should never send1

Everyone and their mothers have a Snapchat, from your favorite reality show celebrity to your hot crush. Some people have even gotten famous merely from their Snapchat persona. Some people get really comfortable sending snaps because they know that they disappear in seconds. Well, news flash, that doesn’t mean that you can send whatever the hell you want. Snapchat girls seem not to understand this fact the most, because they continue to send snaps that they shouldn’t. If you’re a girl, and you have a Snapchat, you need to read our list about what snap you should never send. You’ll thank us in the end, and will probably be surprised by some of them!

1. Nudes.

We don’t know why we have to spell it out to you Snapchat girls, do not send nudes via snap. It’s simply never a good idea and will rarely turn out good. First of all, they might screenshot it. That’s right, even if you send it for two or even just one second they can still screenshot it! Then they have it forever and can do whatever they want with it. That means they can potentially send it to all of their friends, or worse, post it on social media sites and blogs. How awful and mortifying would that be? Not to mention girls have killed themselves over this happening to them- is it worth it? No. And there’s another bad consequence that can happen from sending a nude via sex snapchat. You can accidently add it to your story, which means all of your Snapchat friends can see it and screenshot it. Talk about a disaster.

2. Drunk snaps.

Okay ladies, let’s face it, most of you girls (and even guys) are freaking annoying when you’re drunk. It’s just reality. Sure, guys get annoying too, but girls are notorious for being annoying while trashed. And what do drunk girls love to do when they’re tipsy? That’s right, they love to send Snapchats. Snapchat girls need to stop sending videos of drunk dancing, slurry monologs, and questionable selfies. It’s honestly just embarrassing, and nothing too great can come out of it. You might be like, well most of my drunk Snapchats are funny! We’re sorry to break it to you girls, but people are laughing at you, not with you. Also, what happens if you send your crush a private Snap and don’t remember what it contained in the morning?! Talk about a huge disaster. So please just take our advice: don’t drink and Snapchat.

3. Pointless shit.

Every single one of us knows the people that Snapchat every pointless event of their life. It gets really old, really fast. We don’t care about your coffee or your bagel. We could care less about your new shoes or a new pair of earrings. We don’t care that you’re in bed and are about to fall asleep, or that you have an awful headache. And we certainly don’t give a crap about which show or movie you’re watching. Snapchat girls have got to stop sending and storying pointless things that no one cares about. You should be Snapchatting things that are hilarious, bizarre, and entertaining. Clearly, none of the things I listed above fall into those categories. Walking to class, doing homework, and new outfits should not be Snapchatted.

4. Too many selfies.

Snapchat girls should be able to send and story selfies on occasion, but not on a regular basis. We all know what your face looks like, we don’t need daily or hourly reminders. It makes it seem like you’re either insecure or way too into yourself- both of which isn’t good. And for the love of God, please don’t snap selfies with captions that have nothing to do with your face- or things that don’t matter. AKA “It’s so cold outside,” or “Ugh I hate work”. No one cares. Oh, and please do not even get us started on the “No makeup,” or “No filter,” captions on selfies. Stop trying so hard!

5. Night out snaps.

Okay, as we mentioned earlier, we get that Snapchat girls are more likely to Snapchat while drunk. But you know those girls that Snapchat every single second of their night out at a bar or concert?! Like we get it, and one or two snaps would do. It makes it seem like you’re trying to prove that you’re having an awesome time, which you obviously aren’t if you have to Snapchat every single second of it. Just have fun and live in the moment! You and all of your Snapchat friends would be better off anyways.

6. The sing-along.

Snapchat girls should seriously refrain from sending Snapchats of themselves singing along to their favorite songs. It works for celebrities and comedians, but not for average people. It’s honestly just embarrassing and again, makes it seem like you’re trying way too hard. So even if you have the intentions of being funny and goofy, just don’t do it anyways.

7. Boyfriend and you.

Snapchat girls that post millions of Snapchats with their boyfriend is nauseating. It makes us feel like screaming: WE GET IT! You’re in a relationship! We don’t need to see you cuddling, kissing, on date nights, or the gifts you got each other for Valentine’s day. And please don’t ever post a Snap of your boyfriend with the caption “bae”. The reason is pretty simple: we just don’t give a shit, and it gets repetitive and annoying- especially for single people. Your relationship should be private and special anyways, not put out there for the world to see every little detail.

Ladies, we hope that you take our Snapchat advice to heart, because if not, you’re annoying a lot of people in the process. Trust us, if you take our advice, you would be better off.

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