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Try These 7 Steamy Sex Games To Spice Up Your Life

Every relationship hits a bump in the road where intimacy starts to lack, or the spontaneity of your sex life has dwindled, and you find yourself stuck in a routine. But don’t worry! Not only is this completely normal, but there’s a way around this bump!
If you’ve never tried playing any ¬†offline or mobile sex games with your partner before, it’s a fun, hot way of spicing up your sex life. Friendly competition between you and your partner makes for steamy sex. Also, if you’re looking to change up your foreplay game when it comes to sex, sex games can work as a different way of getting each other turned on.
The benefits of playing sex games are only positive, and if you’re looking for some to start engaging in with your partner, here are 7 of the steamiest and fun sex games.
1. Strip Pong

Strip pong is such a cult classic that there’s even a series on YouTube where strangers, couples, exes, and blind dates play it with each other. It’s exactly like beer pong, except that when you make a shot in the opponent’s cup, they can either drink the cup or take off an item of clothing to save their cup. To make it fun, you should opt for drinking some of your cups, or drink all of them until you start to feel drunk, and then start taking your clothes off.
Alcohol plus stripping always equals fun.
2. Race to Finish

If you’re looking for something more intimate than strip pong, this is the game for you. It not only works for creating hotter sex, but it provides you with a more intimate sexual experience. This is because the end target of the game is to cum before the person — or don’t. You have to masturbate in front of each other, and the person who cums first must finish off the other person for them to reach the same with whatever they want.
Masturbating in front of your partner is a way to bring you closer because it’s something you usually do in private, and if you’re making eye contact while you do it, it adds that extra bit of sensuality.
3. Strip Twister

This game is similar to strip pong. It’s a sexual take on a classic game we all know and love — Twister. In this version of the game, you must remove an item of clothing and strip down every time you fall.
Strip Twister is a fun way of seeing your partner in positions they’ve never been in, and who knows, it might inspire you to try sex in those said positions.
You may just find your new favorite position you never knew you could do.
4. Prisoner

If you have a kink for bondage, this is sure to be a fun one. Its name is pretty self-explanatory; you tie up your partner to the bedposts of your bed (or their hands behind their back if yours doesn’t have any) with your choice of restraint, and you become your partner’s “prisoner.” Meaning, they get to do whatever they want with you.
With consent, of course (this applies to all games).
Losing power and handing control over to your partner can be a big turn-on, knowing you can’t move and having your body exposed.
5. Sexy Jenga

I just love sexed up games from our childhood!
In this sexy version of Jenga, you play the same way you always have, except this time you’ll write a command you’d want your partner to do to you. Every time you pull out a block, the person must read out loud their command and perform it on their partner.
Then, at the end when one of you makes the tower of blocks collapse, you get to decide that person’s punishment.
6. Not So Fast

This sex game gives you the opportunity to see how much your partner knows about you, or if you’re in a relatively new relationship, get to know each other more, in a sexier way.
Have your partner stand at the bedroom door while you wait for them on top of the bed. Ask them questions about yourself, sexual or not, and each time they answer correctly, they get to take a step closer to you, while if they get it wrong, they have to take a step back.
This will create a level of impatience, while getting to learn more about you, and is a great teasing game.
7. X Marks the Spot
Take your partner on a search for treasure on your body by playing this game, where it’s your partner’s job to kiss and guess parts of your body to see if they get the one you’re thinking of.
As they make their lips move across your body, you can give them hints by saying “hot” or “cold,” as they get closer or farther away from the spot you’re thinking of.
Even if you don’t need help in the bedroom to make your sex life less “boring,” you can always incorporate sex games into your routine to explore each other’s fun, more creative sides when it comes to sex.

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5 Reasons To Start As A Dating Affiliate

Besides the appeal of working from home and collecting a fair share of money based off of someone’s else’s products, there are so many other reasons why affiliate marketing is the thing to do. Getting started on anything can be intimidating but it doesn’t have to be if you go about this is in a strategic way.
1. Easy Startup:

There is no fixed cost to getting into affiliate marketing. Once you have a product to represent you can use credible resources to post the links to or even create a free website. There are many free and cheap options and strategies for you to pursue when getting started that won’t require anything but your time and dedication. ¬†Starting affiliate marketing is significantly easier than starting your own start up.

2. Convenient Side Business:

If you know how to work smart and not hard, then you can have this as a side business if you have a full blown career already. Being able to make a profit off of someone else’s product just by advertising and marketing it seems a little too easy.

Making sure that you’re attracting the right audience and placing the link on credible sites will ensure that you’re making a decent amount of money with almost no time commitment.

3. Make Own Hours:

Since you technically don’t have a boss or required hours to work, this is the perfect job to focus on when you have some spare time. Once you have an open line of communication with the business you will be working for; it’s up to you to show progress and sales from your affiliate marketing which can happen at any time of the day.

It’s important to post things at the peak hours of when people are searching the web to ensure that your link and posts are being seen, but this isn’t a traditional 9-5 job.

4. Growing Industry:

The way of the world now focuses on the internet and social media platforms to which affiliate marketing is all about. Word of mouth is the most convincing way of marketing and once you have a credible source, whether it be a personal blog, Yahoo answers or own website then people will be more likely to purchase the products you are raving about.

Searching out reviews for products, places and things are a go to for a majority of people to make sure they are confident with their decision before purchasing something.

5. No Limits:

There are absolutely no limits to how far you can go with affiliate marketing. Regarding money or platforms being used to market a product. This entire process can be as successful as you make it, taking into consideration that this can be a full blown career.

Many people are making a living and billions off of affiliate marketing, revealing that if you know the right steps to make and techniques, success is right around the corner.

There are so many appealing reasons to start affiliate marketing and give it a try! Instead of wasting your time away scrolling through newsfeeds, get into a market that will provide profit for your marketing skills.


To get started as a dating affiliate, head over to Just Cash – the number 1 dating affiliate network, or check out the video below.

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